Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some Hearts (poem)

I came across this poem tonight as I was sifting through some of my older work. I wrote it when I was twenty-one after a break-up; amazing the emotions that being dumped can pull out of you isn't it?

  I'll be featuring more of my writing from this time in my life in upcoming posts.

Some Hearts

Some nights are better spent alone
Some lives best lived apart
Some hearts are better left untouched;
Their flames burn brightest at the start.

Some questions are better left unanswered
Some feelings never chanced
Some tears are better left unshed
Some dances never danced.

Some walls are better left unbroken
Some love best left ungiven,
Because when all that we think
And feel has been spoken
Some hearts aren’t always forgiven. Registered & Protected

Graphic by lucaszoltowski 2008-2010 .  Photo credit here.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Unforgettable" (erotica)

Your body bare and wonderful before me
Writhing exquisitely upon your lover,
Hips firm and straddled
As you slowly make love.

Room dim, the music pumps emphatically
Still you sway to your own rhythm.
Aware of my presence,
Yet oblivious
Blissfully accepting of my gaze.

Long hair cascades over your brow
Partially concealing your face,
But none of your pleasure.
Casting a sideways glance
You look deeply into me,
And at this moment we're no longer strangers.

I sweep the dark mane aside
To see the story in your eyes
Bursts of light that dance within
Fade in the sunset of your eyelids
As he moves within you.
My God you're beautiful.

You take my hand in yours
And place it on the smooth orb of your bottom
I seek out every inch of you here,
Your back, your shoulders.
Muscles tighten and release in response
As you move beneath my touch,
And upon his.

Raising yourself slightly
You silently invite me to explore the nearest breast.
I knead it, soft and warm beneath my fingers.
My arousal mounts.

Everything surrounding melts away
Leaving only our bodies, our desire.
Yet seemingly as soon as it began it's over.

Days have passed as mere seconds
And I play you continuously in my mind
Forever captivated
By this vision of you. Registered & Protected