Thursday, July 14, 2011

Footsteps (poem)



Lullabyes and midnight cries
Your tiny fingers wrapped in theirs,
Big eyes that see a perfect world
Free of fears and cares.

Playpens, cribs and plastic bibs
Mommy at your beckon call,
Constant service, daddy's nervous
Are they ready for it all?

First smile, first laugh, first words and steps
Crayons, books and blocks,
Pee-pee dance in training pants
Cupboards with child-proof locks.

Climbing trees and scraping knees
A world of endless wonder,
Ask mommy why the sky is blue
And what makes rain and thunder.

Soon grade-school books and awkward looks
Bring crushes, broken hearts and then,
A high school dance, chance for romance
And love finds you again.

Praying, hoping, back seat groping
Finally leaving home,
She wears your shirts, toothbrush on your sink,
A pillow next to your own.

Next years bring a wedding ring
And with a new heartbeat your family grows,
The love of your life about to give you another
More beautiful each day as she shows.

Find yourselves in a hospital room
Holding her hand, words loving and warm,
The pain and the tears fulfill a dream held for years
As this precious creation is born.

Lullabyes and midnight cries
Mommy at her beckon call,
Constant service and you're both nervous...

Are you ready for it all? Registered & Protected

Saturday, July 2, 2011

On Paper Wings

One day perhaps
I’ll write all my secrets down
On sepia paper,
Fold them into an airplane
And set them free off the coast of Spain.
Or France.
No who am I kidding,
It would have to be Australia.

Always Australia.

My hopes, dreams and fears
Would be carried
Upon these fragile wings
Every crease a soul I’ve met,
Some buried deeper within the page
Than others.
To whomever finds it,
You’ll be in there somewhere.

Maybe I’ll write
All these secrets as a song
With no particular melody,
Just verse.
And if by chance
This song
Finds its way to you
Unfold it carefully
And sing me. Registered & Protected

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Distance (lyrics)

The Distance

Staring out the window
Grasping at the sunlight fading away
Another day is ending
Spent pretending
That we're okay.

This dark room just echoes with the
Distance between us.
Midnight's voices taunt us,
Memories haunt us
Just like children on the wind.

Let me drift off to sleep
So I can dream you back at my side.
We can't hide ourselves from it
Or overcome it
No matter how hard we've tried.
And this emptiness consumes me
Wrapped in bedsheets where we played,
There's no easy way of living
In this unforgiving prison
That we've made.

Rain upon my window go away,
Don’t want you storming in my eyes another day.
We've tried to stand strong
But we’re shadows on the wall,
‘Cause we’ve said all there’s to say
But we’ve still said nothing at all.

I'd hold my breath and stop time
Just to trace my fingertips in your hand.
There's too much pain in regret
And all the lies we've buried deep in the sand.
We finally opened up our eyes
But we paid too great a cost,
Another night to fight through
Right 'til morning's light reminds us
What we've lost.

And the rain keeps on falling..

Rain upon my window go away,
Don’t want you storming in my eyes another day.
We try to stand strong
But we’re shadows on the wall,
‘Cause when it's all said and done
We’ve still said nothing...

Rain upon my window go away,
(endless rain keeps falling)
Don’t want you in my eyes another day.
(you won't hear me calling)
Though we've tried to stand strong
We’re just shadows on the wall,
Cause when all's said and done
We’ve still said nothing at all.
We’ve still said nothing at all.
Still said nothing at all.

And words can't bridge the distance. Registered & Protected

Friday, January 21, 2011

Rebecca Lynn

My first country song...

   Rebecca Lynn

Ole moon shining brightly
Creeping silent through your window,
Casts shadows on your body
As you lie beside your man,

Mind wanders back to eighteen
When things were free and easy,
Never wanted to be alone
Now you wonder if you can.

And the sun sets on the county
Busy day is lost to mem’ry
But the fireflies that light the skies
Will help you find your way,

A heart that beats in lifetimes
Just breathes to love somebody
The wind will whisper out your name
See you through another day.

‘Ole moon shining brightly
Dancing low upon the treetops
Paints shadows on the porch swing
Where you rocked your baby boy,

Were just a young girl that day
When you found you’d have a family
Singing Kenny Loggins
To the one who brought you joy.

And the sun’s set on the county
Your girl’s smile shinin’ like diamonds
The fireflies that fill her eyes
Let you know you’re not alone,

A heart that beats in lifetimes
Just breathes to love somebody
With tiny hand held tight in yours
She’ll always find her way back home.

‘Ole moon shining brightly
Creeping silent through your window,
Casts shadows on your body
As you lie beside your man… Registered & Protected

Friday, January 14, 2011

A New Blog Is Born

After turning this blog back into strictly an archive of my writing I've been able to reallocate time into a new, additional site. The Secret Garden is a place where I'm finally able to feature racier subjects that I've been wanting to cover for a while.

The new site is adult-oriented, so if you're a younger reader please exercise discretion. Topics covered will be secrets, fantasies and stories (real or fictional, no doubt with a heavy sprinkling of erotica). I'm also looking for submissions about anything you're going through that you'd like people to understand (eating disorders, addictions, depression etc.).

There will be very little held back at The Secret Garden, plenty of text and photos to get your mind and heart racing (I have a good idea of what works for many of you). I hope you'll consider following me there and remember, anything you choose to submit will be kept 100% anonymous. Any of you who know me well enough realize how much I value trust and privacy.

See you there!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Changes to This Blog- Please Read

Hey everyone, I hope you had am amazing New Year!!  We sure did.

I've been thinking about this for a while and I'm going to make some changes to this blog. Initially I had intended it to be an archive of sorts, a place to present my writing (poetry, short stories etc), and I really want to get back to that.  So in the next short while I'm going to remove some things, mostly secret Fridays and Sundays, and probably the posts where I've talked a bit about myself. Any secrets you've shared over the year have been preserved in the year-end compilations, I could never erase them.

Whatever I remove can still be found on my other blog, Life In Quotations (link here).  Since I'll only be posting new pieces of writing I'll be here less often, if you're okay with this then stay tuned. But if you want to keep up with me and what's happening in my life then please follow me on my other blog. I'd hate to lose any of you. :)

Thanks for a great year, I'm looking forward to another one.