Thursday, March 11, 2010



Greet dawn's break with stormy eyes.
Heart pounding,
Mind restless, and wild.

Throughout the night
Memories of The One
Held you captive in their grasp, relentless.
Like a book you can't put down,
Or the forever echo of a lover's beckon
On a fire escape at midnight.

But memories cannot be held nor protected.
They run like watercolours in the rain
Bleeding into one another
Until they're left unrecognizable, distorted and dark.

Perhaps the answer lay
Not in struggling to preserve
These most precious of moments
But in our ability
To paint each day anew. Registered & Protected

Photo credit here.


  1. You really have a way with words. The last stanza really gets to me.

  2. Hi Barry! I love the last paragraph. It's so filled with positivity. I also quite like the comparison of memories to water-colors in the rain and the imagination of these colours falling and mixing and getting distorted. And how all that would associate with memories. Very well written. Who does 'The One' refer to?

  3. Hi Tamanna. "The One" refers to that ONE person we can't forget no matter how hard we try. The one who (regardless of how good or bad they may have been for us) seems to have taken up a permanent home in our heart, mind and soul and won't allow us to let go of them.

    I think most of us have somebody like this in our lives.