Thursday, March 4, 2010


A thunderous cry from the Heavens
Its wrath pours down upon us,
Eager to devour.
With no place to seek refuge
We’re gripped in its deluge.

Strip away your soaked apparel
I’ll hold every inch of you against me.
Envelop you in my arms,
Warm your skin upon mine,
And be your shelter
Until the storm’s pass. Registered & Protected
Photo credit: weheartit


  1. I wish I had that moment, it must be beautiful.

    I like this very much.

  2. Hi Barry! Came across your blog through Jennifer's. So delighted to read your poetry. I shall definitely visit your space more often and comment and analyze your writing. Wouldlove for you to read and comment on my poetry on my blog titled Inflorescence!! :)

  3. Hi Barry

    This is nice. It is so passionate. We all need someone to be our shelter sometimes. I'm going to miss your blog these next two weeks you know, but I'm looking forward to read more when I get back.

    Take care. :)

  4. Hi Barry,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving that nice message. I will definitely be by here more often, and though I know nothing of poetry those words are lovely.


  5. This is very beautiful. I want this in my life...consistantly.

  6. Came across ur blog through Tamanna's :P ......How awesome can things be Barry? I think ill end up reading all ur posts in a stretch ...

    Pls visit my blog once wen free