Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Siren Song

For you who have been affected by words of those you've never met.

Siren Song

You came one night
On moonlight’s breath
A gem that shone your name.
Captured me,
With brushstroked words
And set my soul’s canvas aflame.

A painter of pictures
Through eloquent prose
Recount passions burning so strong.
To these words I surrendered
As for me you sang
A beckoning Siren Song.

How ironic this beast
Which exhales cyber glow,
My resolve it tramps and defies,
Would send one as you
To set comfort’s stage
So to discover myself
Through your eyes.

I'll slip off this fabric
That veils me from the rest
My heart before you I'll bare
Our eyes not to meet
In defiance I ask
To reveal your Self as you dare.

Sketch your mind's portrait
With wind-weathered chalk
Wonder if this will last, for how long.
Still my soul answers freely
And forever it seems
To your beckoning Siren Song.

Intellectual property copyright Barry O'Shea. All rights reserved.
Do not reproduce without permission. Photo credit here.


  1. Great post!! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I have no idea why my blog has a warning either and I've tried to reason with Google but they paid no attention to me. So I'm thinking of moving somewhere else. xxoxoxoxo

  2. this a beautiful post man great

  3. Wow! What an beautifully written poem.

    "I'll slip off this fabric
    That veils me from the rest
    My heart before you I'll bare"

  4. first great poem. second thanks for the advice. male perspective helps. third if you find shemar holla at me : )

  5. Hi

    Wow. I follow both your blogs now. You and Rick have a stunning talent you know. You both can write passionate poems. I just love your blog. I will try to comment on all your posts from now on. :)

    You should enjoy your Tuesday (or whatever time it is in Canada. I don't know how far we are behind or before you in time from here in SA)