Tuesday, April 6, 2010


If you want to make a difference don't move mountains, move people.

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  1. TOTALLY agree. And the photograph is incredibly beautiful and moving.

  2. Amazing photograph Barry, May i ask the source?

    I read somewhere once.."People forget what u said,the words.But they never forget how you made them feel."

  3. it is very hard to reach someone's soul to move them.
    but once you do, it is a touch that lasts for a life time.
    the problem is, if you touch someone's life in a negative way, this person will never forgive you.
    this is what i have learned during the previous 13 months.

  4. Very true, Barry. Ultimately it's people who matter; mountains can look after themselves.

  5. This quote... so simple to do and be and yet so hard to remember. Like this one... Faith can move mountains.

    Faith is a strong woman. :)

    (sorry. I'm not being facetious. this proverb has always struck me as being misunderstood. Faith in this case is like luck being the result of hard work. Gosh I hope I'm making sense!
    Yes faith can move mountains but you've got to work at making that faith strong enough to do so.