Wednesday, April 21, 2010


You were my 'first', my best. I never knew unconditional love until you came along. I shared all my deepest secrets, you never told anyone. You listened when I was upset, never once interrupted and kept the same knowing smile on your face always. We shared my bed every night and snuggled close through the best and worst days. You kept me warm and comforted, and always loved me back.

Every day was fun. We knew it couldn't last, that the world wasn't made for us to be together long. And when the day came that I had to let you go, cast you aside, I think you knew why. You came into my life for a reason and were a huge part of who I became. And although we've long since parted, please always remember.
You were the best teddy bear a boy could ever ask for.

I've heard some intense things this past week, so my mind's taking a break here for a while. We all lose our innocence in life, some lost it too soon. This is for you.


  1. wish to have a teddy to hold tight to me while falling asleep and feel some warmth

  2. This made me teary.
    It is so beautiful.
    I love it.