Sunday, May 30, 2010


How to not think you a poem,
When your words give rhyme to uncertainties?
How to not think you a song,
When you harmoniously resonate through the mind?
How to not think you a bird,
When you fly unencumbered by life's gravity?
How to not think you nature's fury,
When like a gale you stir the soul?

How to not think you? Registered & Protected
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  1. that's beautiful ..
    i want to read more of how to not think you .. :))

  2. that is very beautiful, barry.
    but too short :((((
    write more, you know how much i enjoy reading what you write :)

  3. I agree with Hebba! Write more, write more!
    I tried to think of a poem at the laundramat today and nothing was coming to me :/

    THANKS FOR THE CLOCK AND CARD!!! Just got it today :) Photo to come soon! :D

  4. As always... a wonderful way with words...